Amandus starts a new culinary adventure on January.

We invite you here - to enjoy every moment that is given to us.

Restaurant Amandus

Let us invite you to “Amandus” – fine dining restaurant led by award-winning chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas!

Deivydas – founder & head chef at “Amandus” – is professional culinary artist, Scandinavian cuisine devotee and Lithuania’s best-chef elect for several years.

In his own restaurant, cosily located at the very heart of Vilnius old town, this kitchen master has brought together a youthful yet talented team for the main great purpose – to create a perfect experience by serving exceptional tasting dinners.

Since 2017, “Amandus” welcomes guests from all over the world and treat them with unexpected combinations of flavours that awaken inner senses, enrich body, amaze mind. Extraordinary atmosphere here won’t leave one unaffected…

“Not only a taste defines the dish: for me its creative, original presentation is no less important. “Amandus” kitchen is that particular place where I adjust my knowledge as well as experience, here I work and improvise daily. “Amandus” ideology is shaped in the way me and, I believe, my guests too like it most,” says Deivydas Praspaliauskas.

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