The restaurant is a place where we create, work, make mistakes, laugh, and experience life. The team in this microcosm puts together all their knowledge, skills, and dedication during the day so that, by the time the clock strikes 19 hours, the guest enters a cozy space and immerses themselves in our microcosm for at least 3 hours. From the welcoming toast to the last bite, we tell a story. And each person working in the dining area will come to your table at least once – to contribute a twist to their story. That's why team members and guests are the most important elements in the restaurant – without them, the story would fall silent.


this is the main value of Amandus: for each other, for oneself, for the product, and, of course, for the guest.


to enjoy what we do and do it best.


it is a living, changing, and growing organism; if you also want to create the "Amandus" story together, get in touch with us.

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